Susan Golden

Susan Golden

Online Psychic Business Course

Tarot Business Course

How to run a successful psychic business

How to run a profitable, professional Tarot business

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Two online courses are available:

Business course

Self-employment laws, Simple accounts, Tax, National Insurance, Advertising, Social media skills, designing a website, and all the business advice you will need to own a psychic or Tarot business.  

Caring for you and your client course

The day to day essential practises you will need to keep your clients returning to you. How to set up your premises; safety aspects, organisation skills, time out and client relations.

Psychic and Tarot Business Course available:

Psychic and Tarot Business Course

Business courses are available if you have completed at least one other module from our academy

Psychic and Tarot business courses.

How to run a profitable, professional psychic business.

Help with caring for yourself and your client, simple accounts, advertising and all the business advice you will need to own a psychic business.

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All the following testimonials are genuine and have been submitted by clients who paid in full for their readings and tarot/psychic courses or lessons. No incentive was offered. Original emails and messages can be viewed on request.   

Hi my name is Manuel. I’m from a village on the east side of Lisbon in Portugal. One of my dreams was to be able to understand the tarot cards. I have tried to learn the tarot in Lisbon but I ended up spending money for nothing, until I found Susan Golden in Bradford, England. Susan Golden is the most happy and relaxing person to teach the tarot course. What amazes me is that after the second one to one lesson I was able to understand and do a reading, Susan Golden is a very dedicated person to teach anyone who wants to learn this helpful course and the big surprise is how much you are paying. I can tell you what you pay for the whole course is what I pay only for the major cards when I was in Lisbon. So, to me, if want an excellent tarot course, Susan Golden is definitely the right person to contact.
Manuel from Portugal
I have been interested in the tarot for many years and after finding Susan on the internet I contacted her and began one-to-one lessons with her to help with my learning. I found Susan to be very knowledgeable about the tarot and she was very patient with me, helping me to understand the cards better and encouraging me to interpret them in my own way. I would recommend Susan to anyone interested in working with the tarot, she has a lovely friendly manner and I really enjoyed the time I spent with her.
Michelle from Bradford

I was interested in how Susan has the skills to read tarot cards and tune into spirits, I therefore started to attend her course which is tailored to the individual. I was very nervous attending as I have tried with a different group prior finding Susan. which was not enjoyable and very scary!

Susan reassured me that the experience would not be the same and it was in fact polar opposite, very interesting and light hearted.

Susan has now become a very dear trusted friend.
Rachel from Bradford
I have attended a few courses at Golden Lights psychic Academy in Bradford with Susan Golden and all have been enjoyable and very informative. The tarot and psychic development courses are fantastic for those wishing to development themselves and gain an insight into the spirit world. I would highly recommend anyone to attend one of the fabulous courses.
Narda from Bradford
I have recently been on one of Susan’s Tarot courses. It was easy and fun to learn and Susan is undoubtedly an experienced clairvoyant. Go on girl keep it up!
Mystique from West Yorkshire
I really enjoyed this 2-day course, Susan was warm and welcoming and spending time in her company was not only pleasurable but also enlightening. The room was lovely and Susan made every effort to ensure I was comfortable and had a good stay. The course was perfect for my abilities and with Susan’s encouragement I surprised myself with how much I was able to achieve. This has been a good start for my future development, and together with Susan’s continued positive in put I have seen a positive change.
Sally from Gloucestershire
I attended a tarot course with Susan which gave me good understanding of the tarot and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Jo from Wales
Susan Golden Psychic Course is Brilliant! Highly recommended, it covers a wide area of developing one’s psychic ability, Susan Golden is very supportive with her psychic coaching and conveys the context of the course in an excellent way so everyone can understand and develop their sixth sense, Thank you.
Tom from Manchester
The classes are very informative and brought forward awareness which I never knew I had. Keep up the good work
Andy from West Yorkshire