Susan Golden

Susan Golden

Professional Psychic, Clairvoyant, Tarot reader

Tarot course and Psychic course tutor

PSYCHIC READINGS in Bradford, West Yorkshire

Telephone: 07398 391901



Psychic Awareness Workshop

Sunday 3rd March 2024

in Shipley, West Yorkshire

Learn how to contact your loved ones in spirit

Auras, Healing and pendulum dowsing

Only £40  workshop 12 till 4.30pm

Deposit to reserve your place £15.  Please email or text to reserve your place or ask questions. 



Psychic readings by telephone or face to face.

A personal reading can change your life for the better and help you make important decisions for your future path.
Readings will be from Susan, and not a psychic agency.

Susan is friendly, honest, discreet and your confidentiality is guaranteed.

Susan Golden is a professional Clairvoyant/Medium and Tarot reader, with 40 years’ experience. She has psychic skills which have been passed down through three generations of her family.

A reading can consist of mediumship, which is contacting loved ones in spirit, also Tarot cards and clairvoyance to answer questions. (for example: Love, work, financial, health, children) Readings look in detail at issues in your life, and the choices you may have to make, and then finish the reading with a future prediction.

Readings are £40 payable by PayPal, credit card (through paypal) or cash.

Face to Face Readings in Shipley, West Yorkshire or Telephone readings on

07398 391901 (10am until 8pm only, please)

Telephone Susan to arrange your psychic reading time and date.

(Please telephone first for an appointment before making any payments.)(Email accepted if abroad)

Face-to-face readings held in Shipley, West Yorkshire.


See below for testimonials

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Psychic Courses

For all psychic courses; Online, Face to face lessons, Telephone tuition, and Residential courses see Psychic courses page.

Tarot Courses

For Tarot course and Tarot lessons; Online, Face to face lessons, Telephone tuition, and Residential courses see Tarot course and Tarot Lessons page

Psychic and Tarot Business Course

Two courses are available

Caring for you and your client course and the day to day essential practises you will need to keep your clients happy. How to set up your premises and safety aspects.

Business course: Tax, Accounts, Advertising, Social media skills etc.


All the following testimonials are genuine and have been submitted by clients who paid in full for their readings and tarot/psychic courses or lessons. No incentive was offered. Original emails and messages can be viewed on request.   

I have been very fortunate to find Susan Golden after 40 years of attending spiritual readings. Susan is on a different Level, a class above everyone I have come across, and some were excellent.

Susan is consistently accurate and her predictions are as if she has read my present and future autobiography. I have written this because I want to say thank you to her for guiding me through what is – just life!

Chris from Bradford

I have been visiting Susan for just over 2 years now. From my first ever reading to date she’s always been honest and accurate. She is amazing at what she does and I always feel at ease around her. With Susan’s guidance I was able to make some very difficult decisions towards the back end of 2017 and I wouldn’t ever go anywhere else

Thank you for always guiding me and helping me when I honestly needed it the most!

Naureen from Bradford

I would highly recommend Susan for readings and guidance.

Susan has supported me in many different ways, helping and encouraging me to leave my comfort zone and has accurately advised me with relationships and work.

She is also very honest in her readings and descriptive and will puts you completely at ease and allows you to ask questions though out. 5*

Rachel from Bradford
Thank you, Susan for the help and guidance you have given me over the years. I know you will tell me open and honestly about the questions and decisions I have to make
Jayne from Bradford
I was very sceptical about having a reading, I’d had one before (from someone else) and it never really told me anything I did it know. However, all my immediate forecast from Susan, has fallen into place; from my house move, to my unexpected, although remarkable, new relationship. I cannot praise her gift enough. Thanks
Stevie from Bradford
I was a little nervous at first but Susan’s warm and welcoming personality quickly put me at ease – thank you Susan for a very interesting and thought-provoking reading.
Deborah from Skipton
I have had a few personal readings with Susan and these have been professional, relaxed and insightful for the issues I was facing at the time of the readings. I would highly recommend anyone to visit Susan for either a reading or to attend one of the fabulous courses.
Narda, Bradford
Being something of a sceptic I had strong reservations and held back on giving any information to Susan. However, the reading she gave proved most enlightening and accurate and has since been corroborated by others.
Many thanks, Susan. – Paul, West Yorkshire
I have been coming to Susan for 15 years for readings and I have found her extremely good.
John Huddersfield
Susan is a naturally gifted psychic; I would highly recommend her readings. A very genuine and caring person.
Sophie, Bradford
I went for a reading with Susan with many issues and was surprised at how accurate she was without knowing anything about me! Would highly recommend!
Sukh, West Yorkshire
Thank you for the reading you did for me recently. Being a bit of a sceptic about this sort of thing; I was pleasantly surprised how accurate and insightful the reading actually was, and it has certainly given me much more confidence and hope about the future.
Dale ,Bradford
Really impressed with today. So glad … (her spirit loved one) was there, made my day. Strongly recommend you to a friend, ur lovely! What you said about …. (a person in her life) made a lot of thoughts pass through too I can finally move forward. Will see you again defo xx
Nicky from Bradford
I first met Susan 20 years ago, when I had my first Psychic reading. I was impressed not only by Susan’s professionalism, but also the accuracy of the things she said. Since then I have had several readings, and can say that they have all been insightful and amazing. I would not hesitate to recommend Susan to anyone, and that includes my own daughter who also has had several readings from Susan.
June, Bradford

I have known Susan now for quite a few years. I first made contact with her when I was going through a part of my life which was the hardest to date. I was hoping to seek direction and a glimpse into the future.

From that time onwards, I have always found Susan to be very open, while at the same time respectful and professional. She has always proved very accurate in her readings for me and gave me the heads up on many things which have occurred in my life. Susan always has time to listen and is extremely patient. I can honestly say I have recommend Susan to many people over the years
Mark, Blackpool
The classes are very informative and brought forward awareness which I never knew I had. The readings were very accurate.

Keep up the good work

Andy, West Yorkshire

Please Note:

In April 2008, the law changed (repeal of the Fraudulent Mediums Act 1951) and it stated psychics had to label all our publicity: ‘For entertainment purposes only.’ I objected to this and so did various local clairvoyants, as we do not class ourselves as entertainment, in any form. We were featured in the Telegraph and Argus newspaper. But the law is still the law, so here it is:

Readings by Susan Golden are for entertainment purposes only and the outcomes of all the services on this site are not guaranteed.