Susan Golden

Susan Golden

Professional Psychic, Clairvoyant, Tarot reader

Tarot course and Psychic course tutor

PSYCHIC READINGS in Bradford, West Yorkshire

Telephone: 07398 391901


Susan Golden - Golden Lights Psychic Academy

Please note: I answer queries by email, text, or social media but I only book appointments for any readings by telephone. For courses see academy details below.

Telephone for an appointment for all types of readings or face to face lessons before paying for your time slot. 

UK: Telephone or text:  07398 391901

Payments by cash, PayPal and credit card payments accepted through PayPal only.

CASH ONLY accepted on payments or balances when visiting my premises in Shipley. (Please note deposit required at time of booking)

Susan Golden - Payments

Psychic reading by telephone or face to face or lesson/consultation

(Book your appointment before making payment)  £40 

Deposit paid to Susan Golden   £15

Golden Lights Psychic Academy - Payments

Please contact the academy to arrange your course before your payment.

Courses available in a video form (Codes for platform sent to you by email) and by PDF attachment (via email for written course)


Telephone UK: 07398 391901   (10am to 9pm only) 

The academy can send you a payment invoice through PayPal if the payment links do not offer your course price.  

Payment for online course  £199

Payment to the academy £100

Payment to the academy £299

Payment to the academy £399

Payment to the academy £499

Payment to the academy £599

Payment to the academy £699

Payment to the academy £999

Email receipts will be issued with details of payment and reason for payment.

Psychic courses available:

Psychic Courses

For all psychic courses, Internet tuition, Online, Face to face lessons, click the more information link below. 

Tarot Courses

For Tarot Video course, Online study, Face to face lessons, or Telephone tuition, click the more information link below. 

Psychic and Tarot Business Course

Two courses are available:
Business course: Income Tax, Accounts, Advertising, Social media skills etc.

Caring for you and your client course and the day-to-day essential practices you will need to keep your clients happy. How to set up your premises and safety aspects.

Click the more information link below.