Available as on-line course, or one-to-one tuition in Shipley, West Yorkshire.

Course written by Susan Golden.


Help friends, family, or earn an extra income, working your own hours.

Complete beginners and experienced readers welcome. Even if you have never seen a tarot card before, you will find this course easy and fun. From lesson one, you will be able to read the tarot for your friends and family. Learn at your own pace, with full tutor support.

Course is available in two ways: one-to-one lessons, or on-line home study. For individual lessons, you will receive guidance from a clairvoyant with 35 years’ experience training people from all walks of life, to read the tarot accurately. Your tutor will take you through the lessons with guidance for all the set exercises.

This Tarot course can also help you to develop your other psychic senses; seeing, feeling and hearing. (Clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience).

Full course consists of six easy lessons with set exercises. The course is used in conjunction with the Universal Waite or Rider Waite tarot cards, which you will need to purchase or look at the card images online. 

The Professional Tarot Course covers the following:-

Lesson One – Guides you through the major cards, client’s questions and a simple spread to solve problems.

Lesson Two – Looks at relationship matters. Relationships are the most frequently asked questions to clairvoyants, now you can help your friends with these, after only two lessons.

Lesson Three – Shows people and their personality traits, positive and negative. How we relate to others and our interactions with all people including; lovers, family and friends.

Lesson Four – Takes you through the Celtic cross spread, for questions and future readings, a spread of cards very popular with working clairvoyants today.

Lesson Five – Covers money issues. The second question asked by many clients is about financial matters. If there was no love or money in the world, there wouldn’t be any work for clairvoyants!

Lesson Six – Looks at past, present and future readings and helps you to give advice to your family and friends. You will be able to impress them with your new found skills.

All lessons contain exercises for you to complete, for which you will receive advice and PERSONAL GUIDANCE from your tutor.

Telephone/E-mail Susan for more details 

or (01274) 588717 (10am to 9pm only, please) 

E-mail: susangolden@btinternet.com 


Or £30 per lesson, for 6 face-to-face lessons with Susan Golden.

See price list link to book your place on this course or lessons.